Dodson Global, Inc.

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Dodson Global is a Valve Master Distributor that stocks a diverse selection of valves that provide reliability and exceptional performance for multiple industrial processes. Domestic and import sources.


Flanges are necessary to attach piping sub-assemblies to pressure vessels, valves, pumps or other devices. Flanges are forged or cast rings of steel, designed to join two sections of piping together by bolting. Domestic and import sources.

Butt Weld Fittings

Piping systems joined by welding offer considerable advantage over other types of systems. A welded system is permanent, leak-proof and requires little or no maintenance. Welding construction uses a minimum of space, enabling it to be nested in corners or fitted against ceilings, walls or equipment. Domestic and import sources.

Forged Steel Products

Forged steel fittings are machined from solid forgings. The quality of the fittings is critical in that they are designed to withstand higher pressures. Important factors in the design of forged steel fittings are: uniformity of wall, wide bands, sharp threads properly chamfered and unrestricted flow. Domestic and import sources.