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Forged Steel Products

Forged steel fittings are machined from solid forgings. The quality of the fittings is critical in that they are designed to withstand higher pressures. Important factors in the design of forged steel fittings are: uniformity of wall, wide bands, sharp threads properly chamfered and unrestricted flow. Domestic and import sources.


  • 1/8” to 4”

Larger sizes available on request.

Pressure Ratings:

  • 2000, 3000, 6000 and 9000 pound


  • Threaded
  • Butt Weld
  • Socket Weld

Note: Also available in combinations of above as well as machine to order


  • 45° and 90° Elbows
  • Straight and Reducing Tees
  • Couplings, Half Couplings
  • Caps, Plugs and Bushings
  • Crosses, Laterals, Straight Elbows and Inserts
  • Weldolets, Pipets, Thredolets, Sockolets, Latrolets, and Elbolets

Specifications governing the properties of forged steel fittings:

  • Physical and Chemical: ASTM A-105
  • Dimensional: ANSI B16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95 and 97
  • A350-LF2, 304(L), 316(L) and other alloys are available by special order